• Do you allow yourself time to be creative?
  • How do you express yourself creatively? 


The first step is acknowledging your creativity and that we are all artists. 

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron has sat on my bookshelf for several years, barely opened before I’ve dismissed it with: ‘I haven’t got time to do that.’ 


For years with small children cooking and creating healthy unusual meals everyday was the main way I expressed my creative self.  Since moving to France and realizing I needed to express myself non verbally before I went mad, I’ve allowed myself to buy paints, paper, draw, teach myself to knit, go dancing and to have a go at activities I’ve always thought maybe one day when I’m……

Anyway the time was right and rather than pay lots of money for an online course, I decided to take the book off the shelf and read it.  I’d found what I needed and it had been sitting there waiting patiently for me to open my eyes.  

This is week eleven of a twelve week programme and is self-directed with only two have to do’s – the Morning Pages and a weekly Artist’s Date. 

Yes the Morning Pages are something else to incorporate into your day but it’s time for yourself, to be quiet and let the detritus of the subconscious mind empty without censorship onto the page.  It’s an opportunity to explore and you don’t need to be a writer.

We have choices.  This is the other course requirement: to choose an artist’s date.  To do something for and by yourself which will inspire you.  The idea is that by actively looking after yourself and valuing yourself enough, you indulge the inner artist like a child with some creative play. 

The result?  You feel good by these small gestures and you often create something to be proud of.  Examples include a quick trip to a handicraft shop, going to the library, a walk in nature to inspire you, buying some paints, using some charcoal for half an hour, going to an exhibition.  Planning your date beforehand is a good idea or it’s too easy to park it until next week. 

Organizing artist dates has been harder for me than getting up at 6.15 to scrawl the morning pages.  According to Ms Cameron this is because; ‘it is far easier to get people to do the extra work of the morning pages than it is to get them to do the assigned play of an artist date.  Fun is scary.’ 

Revelations like this occur throughout .  A range of emotions emerge from the essays and simple tasks to explore, embrace and let go of.  I’ve done the course with a small group of women online, which I found and created.  Together we have celebrated and worked through issues whilst lovingly supporting each other.  It’s our natural tendency.   Anybody interested or need any help drop me an email – do something creative for yourself today!