We are all worthy of worshipping ourselves, of finding the place that resides deep inside – the kernel or essence of our being that warrants acknowledgment and celebration of our lives.

Do you have a physical sacred place you go to contact yourself? Is there somewhere you can go to, to go beyond the upper feeling of that moment? To connect with the other facets of who you are?

Maybe this happens during meditation or when you’re in a yoga class and the time for stillness can come to the surface? Or sitting in a church brings a sense of inner peace? Sometimes a park bench allows time for being with our centre.

I have a wood next to my house where I go most days. After fields I descend into a canopy of trees, weaving through a steep sided downward valley created by two conjoining streams, I reach the high bridge to get to the other side.

Surrounded by elongated trees shooting up from the valley floor searching for light, on the bridge, I’m in the middle of a bowl with sky above, a long drop below and nature all around me, supporting me.

Some days I feel hemmed in by it, sometimes unexplainable terror keeps me static and other times it sparkles and I dance across. But it’s my place. And it’s sacred to me. It’s where I talk with my higher self, sit, commune with nature, drink mountain water, cleanse myself and worship who I am. It’s where I go to raise my vibration, to move on from the icky feelings, the bullshit that’s going round relentlessly.

It’s where I sort stuff out. And it’s where I receive nature’s download – on how to get over myself and move forward with what’s next. I’ve never returned from being down there in the woods feeling the same way I did as when I went. It’s impossible because it’s my sacred place and I go there to feel how I’m feeling and to benefit from nature’s gifts – falling leaves, beautiful mushroom, animal prints, the sound of water and to smell. The sacredness of nature stimulates my senses.