Daily Connection

When did you last recharge your Super Power? Bodies are like phones they need recharging to keep them working. Connecting to a power source boosts them to work again. 

The intuition works in the same way – we have to connect to it and then BOOM it speaks to us and we know what to do next. 

Don’t know where your intuition’s on switch is? Buried under the daily grind or ignored, we listen to others rather than our own gut instincts. 

Remember playing cards on holiday? Or making your own revision cards for exams? Shuffling a pack of cards and seeing what comes up – such a simple thing to do. 

Yet when you do it consciously with oracle or tarot cards it takes you on a different journey that’s only 5 minutes long, starts the day beautifully AND tells you what you need to hear.

Want answers to all those questions that wake you up at 3am? Pulling an oracle card gives instant answers. They speak from your intuition. Your job is to ask, look and listen. Is it time to get a little help from your cards? Go dust them off or even better go buy a new delicious deck to dive into.

Daily Connection will give you:

A fully charged intuition  – go from losing it to using it only 4 weeks.

A morning practice that is powerful YOU time. 

The benefits of meditating without sitting crossed legged for hours. 

The super power of saying “Yes that’s right” or “No thanks.”

Some magical mysticism found in the cards to brighten up your day.

PRICE: 69€

(Take the Goddess Quiz above and get a discount of over 40€!)

You will receive: 

  • Weekly emails for 4 weeks
  • Videos of practical information on how to boost your intuition, advice on interpreting your selections, different card spreads to use & ritual suggestions to help you develop your practise 
  • Homework including journaling questions to ask yourself
  • A pdf of the slide presentations

Why work with me? 

Because like you, I’ve ignored my intuition and followed others ideas rather than myself. I’ve had times when no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t hear what it was saying, even though I desperately needed to. Moving to a foreign country and not speaking the language, meant my intuition became my best friend, helping me to work out what the hell was going on in shops, conversations, life and why I had chosen to make this move. 

If you choose to connect with your intuition through this course You are saying Yes to yourself first and foremost. Secondly you’ll get my guidance, knowledge and support via a private Facebook group. This is a self study class to work through at your own pace.

What clients say:

‘Ali taught me to listen to my voice and body, to find stillness and the power of just being. Thanks to Ali I embraced myself and my emotions. I feel empowered and strong’ –  Stacey M

‘Ali is a wonderful holder of space. Her workshops nourish, challenge and inspire me to live more as who I really am’ – Helena C

‘Spending time with Ali is truly inspirational. Her energy is infectious and you can’t help but be enthusiastic about moving forward, making changes and listening to your inner voice’ – Susannah A