The ego’s saying stay small

The mind keeps turning 

Same old over and over 

Repetitive thoughts 


Movement stops and starts

The restriction is palpable

There’s no heart beat to be found


Stasis without satisfaction 

That’s a shit feeling 

The why, how, what serve no purpose 

It’s circular and small

From your nose to the back of your head a

And round again

A never ending perpetual cycle


Pushing on is fruitless but try

Proving works in the short term

Until the spirit is broken

The body knackered 

And flatness feels credible


Pejoratives punish

Time criticises 

The process has no destination nor journey


Where do you want to go?

The road is always unknown 

It’s the journey not the destination 

Turn the key – do it 

And put the music on


You are who you want to be and what you do 

The how comes when flow finds fluidity

Move yourself physically 

Penalise procrastination with a new route

See it in the rear view mirror

See it for what is is

You are so worthy 

I used to crown myself the Queen of Procrastination. This self talk was so damaging and not true. I showed myself this recently during the Corona months when I got loads done with a houseful of family. 

So when it strikes, I go with procrastination, knowing it will pass (eventually). It’s annoying and uncomfortable. Being accountable to my business coach for doing what I said I was going to do, gets me through the doubts, questions and feeling in limbo. Taking action, however small it may feel changes the situation. I no longer use this title to describe myself.

Whatever your self talk is right now and there are many choices out there – worrying about what others think, not feeling good enough, disliking your body because of those extra pounds, indecision, can you name it to yourself? 

Notice how you’ve been feeling recently and what thoughts have been going round and round for you. Choosing to improve your wellbeing is always available to us. Getting conscious of our emotional states helps move through them and to not get stuck. 

So if your day isn’t happening then shake it up. It doesn’t take long to do this to get you back in the driving seat and the job done. Maybe like me you’ll need to do something different, more creative and drive a new car for awhile?

Movement can dramatically take you from minus 30 to plus 30 degrees like it is here today in the French Alpes. In need of some uplifting positive music to raise your vibration? Check out the playlist that worked for me here. 

Some ways to overcome procrastination:

  • Music changes the self talk that’s going on in my head as I open my mouth and sing along.
  • Movement – simple or energetic liberates the physical body from static to energised. 
  • Writing gets my fingers moving rapidly on the keyboard. The speed stops my slump and cycle of thoughts. Write about anything – an incident, event, conversation or pull a card and take the key words to write what they mean to you. 
  • 20 minute yoga online with Adrien worked really well for me last week. 
  • Changing location – go outside even for only 5 minutes – I’m sure that’s why I used to have a sneaky cigarette with colleagues when I worked in an office – to go and stand in a concrete alleyway! 
  • The Pomodoro technique – where you set a timer for 20 minutes and work with no distractions. It always surprises me how much I achieve in such a short time. 
  • Decluttering a short task – papers work for me, magazines don’t as I see all the reading to be done before they can be recycled
  • Organise a bookshelf by size, genre or subject. Why not clean them at the same time?
  • Take a break by taking the Which Goddess Are You Quiz for some inspiration and to change your thoughts today.