With all the news, noise and emotions surrounding us, it can be heard to switch off even if we limit our media exposure, how much we read and what we choose to consume. Grounding ourselves consciously is one way to make a difference to our daily lives, as well as connecting yourself to the sacred power of the Earth. 

What is grounding?

Basically we live most of our time and days in our thoughts, minds, trying to make logical sense, whilst overcoming paralysing emotions to regain a semblance of control. Without realising the process can accelerate with more thoughts of: try this, do that, make changes, what ifs, blaming others, trying to work stuff out and going over old scenarios with new responses. This all contributes to being too in our heads, too mentally driven, too closed off and trying to instruct our thoughts rather than letting them flow. 

What results are feelings of; overwhelm, anxiety, being lost, confusion, depression, frustration indecision and anger. 

Whether it’s the intensity of a wide impacting pandemic, being confined to your home with small children, an everyday overly demanding job or being premenstrually overloaded with emotions, grounding yourself in a conscious way can help ease acute extenuating situations. 

What you can do to help yourself feel more grounded:

Walking in nature is the number 1 grounding technique we have until now taken as always being possible to do. Wherever you live, getting out for a short walk has so many benefits. Why not try it early morning to hear the birds or watch the sunrise or as dusk falls to experience the changing light. Notice your surroundings, look around, look up, take in the details and be present. 

If you can find a tree that attracts you stand beneath it or sit against it. Contact its strength via its foundations and height. Whilst breathing imagine your roots firmly down below going into Mother Earth. Close your eyes. Raise your arms, stretching them high into the sky above your head mimicking the branches of the tree. Before you depart, be sure to thank the tree for living there. 

Being barefoot – take off your shoes, get closer contact and increase your sensory awareness. If you have a garden, a single lap on grass, being in direct contact with the ground can change your breathing and calm your nervous system, literally bringing you back down to earth.

Standing tall in the yoga mountain pose with your feet fixed to the ground and your knees slightly bent shout: “YES.” This is one way to state your claim on life. 

Gardening  tunes you into present day life. Although not possible for many at the moment, the act of repotting, tidying and watering a house plant or pots on a balcony can be a rewarding activity to do. Clearing last year’s garden debris allows us to see a future of growth, prosperity and possibility. Gardening demands a philosophical attitude asking you to go with life’s ebb and flow as sometimes seeds germinate and other times they don’t. 

Writing – journalling exactly how you’re feeling gets the emotions out of you and into a new space. You transmute them from thoughts in your head into the written word on physical paper (personally I prefer) or onto a screen. By doing this you create physical distance between yourself and their impact or influence over you. 

At my sacred intuition workshops we ceremonially burn what we no longer need or serves us. Turning paper into ash is a transformative process going from solidity to ephemeral. From head to paper is the process in reverse. 

Ritual – performing a simple ceremony by yourself with whatever you have can be very grounding. Lighting incense and circling it around yourself and your home both cleanses the air space and changes your energy. As does lighting a candle or opening all the windows at the same time.  

Decluttering – when we’re uncomfortable the spaces around us can contribute to feeling scattered or disorganised. Why not rearrange a bookcase, according to their colour, alphabetically or size? Or go through just one drawer, recycling and throwing away what you no longer need. Feelings of satisfaction can replace agitation quite quickly when we take action like this. 

Keep breathing and grounding yourself everyday in whatever ways work for you. Oh and don’t forget a daily dose of laughter to uplift your spirits. With love and blessings.