Could crow be your spirit animal? Image courtesy of Alexander Sinn

Spirit animal, totem animal or power animal all refer to an animal that we feel has some sort of spiritual connection to us. 

Our ancestors believed that connection to their spiritual powers helped them in their daily lives giving healing, guidance and protection. 

Today they can do the same, as well as reminding us of our own instinctive ability and the natural world around us. 

People love to connect with their spirit animals today as a way to understand themselves better and help discern what is happening in our lives. 

There may be many reasons why you want to find your spirit animal. Maybe you’re going through a tough or challenging time. Or you feel that there is a part of you holding back – the spiritual, natural or wilder you that needs to come out. 

Why connect with your spirit animal:

  • Spirit animals are a tool similar to oracle/tarot cards for getting answers to specific questions. 
  • At times when life is feeling unknown we can feel confused about what’s right, wrong, next or how to relate to others. 
  • Decisions feel impossible to make.
  • When questions abound in our heads we need to go within for answers. 
  • Getting help to start this process via whichever animal shows itself. 

Whatever your reason for wanting to find your spirit animal, here are some ways that might help:

Meditate to meet your spirit animal

Meditation is both a state and an activity – the art of letting go of the mind. It can help you make a connection with your spirit animal.

  • Find a quiet place and sit comfortably on the floor, crossed legged or seated. 
  • Light a candle, pull an oracle card, take some deep breaths to help you focus and close your eyes. 
  • Ask the universe specifically for the animal spirit guide you need to meet today. 
  • Try not to judge yourself or whatever comes to you during your  meditation. 
  • Don’t know where to start with meditation? Get the Daily Connection course for guidance on how to start meditating.  

Possible questions to ask to invoke your spirit animal:

  • Which animal is my spirit animal?
  • Can my spirit animal make itself known to me?
  • What can I learn from this spirit animal?
  • What is this spirit animal teaching me today?
  • What do I need protection from?
  • Who do I need to teach me something?

Spend time in nature and ask your spirit animal to come to you:

  • Do you see a specific animal on your way to work everyday? 
  • Or you feel a particular bond to birds or an animal that comes into your world. 

Think about the characteristics of your spirit animal — how can you relate to it?

  • Thinking about our own behaviour and what you need can give you clues to possible animals to connect with. For example a desire to hibernate and be alone like bear or tortoise. 
  • Look at how you move about, energy levels, and your physical appearance, which animals resemble your character? 
  • Ask yourself which animal you look like? A Hawk like facial expression, eyes of a shrew, a wolf’s long nose, mouse like features.
  • Some self reflection can show you which animal connects to your spirit. 

Spirit animals appear in our dreams 

  • Sometimes animals appear in dreams as a way of trying to get our attention. 
  • The unconscious mind via our dreams is a place to communicate with your spirit animal 
  • Note down your dreams to see if you have any recurring animals or patterns. 

Spirit animals can help with more than life questions. It may help you in your work, relationships and career. Try not to think about it too much! Let your Spirit Animal choose you when the time is right. Take time to nurture this relationship, animal and yourself. 

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