How often are you asked: “What do you do?” All the time and especially in social settings too. 

It’s a safe opening gambit when meeting new people. 

What your job title is, is not why you do your job. 

Maybe you work for the recognition, to be of service, for the money or a sense of fulfilment. All valid reasons. 

A more engaging first question could be: “What’s your Big Why in life?”  Too personal and intrusive to ask yourself or others? This information is invaluable when managing people and getting the best from them. 

Everybody is unique with a personal superpower like nobody else’s. 

All common traits are individual. 

Ask yourself: “What’s my Big Why?” 

It’s your purpose, values, what you believe in and the reason why you’re here. 

Are they reflected in the job you do? 

Last week a client said the highlight of her week was listening to children read via Zoom and hearing their progress. She is a marketing manager in a tech company NOT a teacher or a parent. 

‘I want to do something more meaningful,’ is the most frequent phrase I hear during my clarity coaching calls with prospective clients. Before you can find out what’s next, you need to know your Why. When that’s clear, the how often shows up effortlessly and you get the what as your result eg a new job, partner, activity whatever. 

Here is why dedicating conscious time to finding your Big Why is a good idea:

  • Joining up the dots in your life makes sense of what you’ve done (you focus on results yes?) 
  • When you know your purpose, motivation arrives in bucket loads
  • You renew your passion for life
  • It gets you out of bed in the morning
  • You’ve listened to your intuition
  • You stop apologising for who you are
  • Start playing bigger 
  • Take action on a regular consistent basis
  • You make better decisions 
  • It keeps you on track when shiny new objects appear 
  • It’s contagious – you uplift and affect others
  • You feel fulfilled at the end of the day – and that’s what most people want right?

My Big Why in life is helping women reveal their why, like hearing music and dancing your own dance to it – unique, perfect and YOU.

Let me help you find your Why (Big or Small) and use its power to dance your own tune. Schedule a free call.  Curious if group coaching could help you find your WHY?