I feel better when I am doing something wild. It means I’m being me. Now what is one person’s wild can be wildly different to another’s. Maybe you don’t like your wild hair and tame it with straightener’s or maybe you wish your hair was more wild so you dye it or don’t brush it.

For me the epitome of wildness would be to live in a vehicle of some description, go to festivals, have dreadlocks and generally live a carefree existence with no responsibilities or accountability to anyone. But that’s not me or my life in reality as I like the cosiness of my home and living in it with my family.

Finding the wild aspects of life is a personal journey that takes commitment, time and courage to explore and have a go at new things in life.

The smell of earth does it for me! Gardening is one of my creative outlets and it reminds me of making mud pies as a child. I’m there in the present doing it but imagining it in the future – feeling the pleasure at seeing the first shoots break through the soil and then disorderly rows of various plants with different shaped leaves and flowers. Harvesting vegetables is a bonus activity providing untold satisfaction. As is eating them.

Journaling how I feel is a wildly freeing experience as all the crap and emotions spews out of me in scrawling handwriting onto the page. When it’s a place just for you, you can let yourself loose, break free from grammar and punctuation rules and allow never ending ranting sentences to exit your consciousness. The sense of freedom appears with the last sentence.

It’s a place to dream too of all those wild unimaginable dreams of who and what you want to be, as well as being mama’s. A journal is a place to store those inspiring quotes, do those doodles and purge the frustrations of

Maybe wild is a euphemism for self care….? When I do something for me, I feel wild and free to be the real me. Taking myself off for a few days, swimming in open water, walking, going to an art gallery on my own all ignite a desire for life, inspire creativity and make me a nicer person when I return home to my family. So why do women put themselves at the bottom of their To Do Lists?

Loving your self before everyone else should be at the top of the list, appear often and happen regularly. It’s the same with work – too much work and not enough play makes for a boring day that equals a boring person with a dying spirit. Doing something for your self every day however small or insignificant is what makes for a wild and fulfilling life.

If you’re hearing the wild calling you or that it’s time for your wolf to howl then join us for a free 5 day challenge starting Monday 17 April in the Facebook Group Inspired Wild Women and click the link below to sign up – http://eepurl.com/cIMag9