You’re visible, able to share your message, deal with trolls and living your life’s purpose. What about asking yourself about the relationship you have with your body? Could you get naked in front of group of women in a safe environment? Take note of your first response. Horror? Absolutely no way? Maybe? Or yes no problem? I could do that?

The way we view our bodies directly corresponds to the answer to the above question. Having a sense of self, of who you are and your identity isn’t just reflected in whether we can show up, say; ‘Yes I am me,’ but also in being able to accept all the sides of ourselves – the good, the bad and the ugly.

The easiest way is via the physical body – the bent toes, stretch marks, dry, peeling skin, big or small boobs, fleshy curves etc. Accepting rather than criticizing. Another way could be to change it either through hard work or surgical intervention. Is loving acceptance a positive practice you could gift yourself? Taking care instead of inflicting punishment on your amazing body.

Remember the Women’s Institute Calendar Girls who did exactly this in aid of charity in the 1990’s? I knew several of these women, as they were family friends. Their beautiful photographs celebrating both their talents and bodies received international acclaim. Yes for the amazing behind the scenes story but also for the comfortableness they displayed showing their bodies to the world.

Could you stand naked in front of a full-length mirror on your own and see how you feel? Noticing yourself without judgment. That actual curve, proportions, colours and particularities that are totally unique and make you who you are?

The human body is truly amazing and is so much more than a collection of systems, organs, skin and bones. As well as creating life, oxygen and intellectual thought, it creates pleasure and connection with our intuition.

Whether it’s doing activities such as sports, yoga and dance that allow us to experience physical sensations in the body or pleasure based activities that stimulate the physical body for example, massage and sex; we enter into a relationship with our body. Can we do this without first and foremost really loving our bodies? If self love and acceptance is missing then are we fully able to receive pleasure? Or the body’s subtle messages about what we need, like or is right for us?

Not everybody becomes a vegetarian just because of or for ethical reasons. It can feature in the decision process along with the health aspect, family influences and hereditary factors. Many people consciously choose a vegetarian diet as it suits their body, they have an innate sense of what foods their own body type needs and by default which foods are less important.

These intuitive responses aren’t given their rightful place in our internal filtering thought processes as the logical and rational take priority. Often when our gut instinct speaks it doesn’t make sense and is hard to explain as it’s a feeling that simply feels right.   When my daughter declared she was choosing a vegetarian diet, I wasn’t surprised as I did the same at her age and she’s never shown a strong liking for meat based foods.

Your body is your temple – do you relate to this expression? The sacredness of your body is a starting place to go deeper and consider the relationship to your own body.

(There was no equivalent image of the female body available!)

I work with women diving deep into your body’s physical symptoms, PMS, signs, illnesses and menstrual cycle to see what it’s showing you in a one off session. By the end:

  • You will feel connected to your intuition
  • Appreciate the phase of womanhood you’re in now
  • Have a better understanding of your cycle
  • Recognise what needs to be healed next
  • Know where you are going on your inner spiritual journey

If your intuition speaks to you when reading this (eg it’s a feeling you get that makes you feel excited, ‘yes’, positive, curious and piques your interest) then honour it, drop me a line and let’s get your intuition fired up. 55€ per session. Email me to book your spot.