For years I was self critical  – not being good enough, comparing myself with others, and feeling that I wasn’t being my ‘real’ self. 

Life was a game of rules, to find the magic key and live happily ever after. 

And then life happens – dealing with my mum’s Alzheimer’s, having identical twins, moving to a new town and then to a new country! 

The feeling of surviving rather than living leads to taking a good look at life and getting clear on what we’re here to do. 

My BIG WHY: I bring people together – I’ve always done this from childhood, in jobs and now as a coach and teacher, I facilitate spaces for people to step into, feel and walk through. 

Working and supporting others to make changes, go deeper and overcome their fears is powerful and privileged work to do. 

I’ve reinvented myself several times in work, life and languages! 

I’m a multi passionate introverted people person!

1O things I love

💃 Dancing Biodanza

🇫🇷 Speaking French

🚉 Travelling on trains – they inspire me

🍜 Eating spicy Asian cuisine

📓 Stationery – journals & coloured pens🖊️

🥕Gardening to grow vegetables & sanity

☕ Drinking lots of tea 

🚶🏿‍♀️ Walking (The Camino to Santiago) 

 I’m a down to earth Taurean 

🧙‍♀️….that I was a witch once upon a time 

One thing I appreciate about Ali is her passion for the feminine and her guidance on how to manifest this power in daily life. After working with Ali, I feel more confident with who I am as a woman.

Jo Gregory, Account Manager, UK