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Trust Your Gut – make changes and start playing bigger coaching program

  • Do you doubt, question or compare yourself?
  • Go over how you handled situations & conversations with family & colleagues?
  • Does this persistent chatter keep you awake at night?

Over analysing, pushing yourself harder & proving to everybody that you are good enough is playing small and doing life the male way. Trusting & living by your gut instinct is doing life as the powerful woman you are. 

Together we get to the root of your doubts so you stop making excuses for why you can’t change your life and start playing bigger.

And what about those other life questions that pop in your head at 4am or in the supermarket queue:

  • Wanting life to be happier and more fulfilled?
  • Wondering whether you want kids?
  • To be doing the same job forever?
  • Do these kind of changes get you reaching for your phone & social media to switch off from them? 

How this program will support & benefit you:

Getting support is the first step to making changes and not feeling alone. During our coaching sessions you will have time and support to explore issues you’re dealing with in your personal or professional life. We will quickly identify why and where you’re playing small in life and what needs to change.

Through supportive questioning you will see how your inner critic is holding you back and stopping you from trusting your gut instinct. Your inner goddess guide is always there for you, especially when your self talk and negative thinking is holding you back. Through guided meditation, I will support you to find and access your very own goddess guide.

Together we will decide on the action steps, practices and techniques that will support you to trust yourself more.

By the end of our sessions:

  • You will go from ‘I don’t know’ to finding, listening, loving & trusting your gut instinct (like you did as a child!)
  • Learn when your inner critic is speaking & stopping you from playing bigger
  • Access to your personal inner goddess who is always there to help you
  • Get your own intuitive holistic toolkit of mindset practices to use to overcome your fears, questions & doubts
  • My down to earth approach will challenge you and stop you making excuses for not changing your life, asking for that payrise or doing what’s right for you today

You will know whether my style of working is right for you. Trust your intuition. Book your free 30 minute chat to start calling the shots in your own life.

Who is this work for?

  • Women who don’t trust their gut instinct anymore
  • Women who feel they’re doing life more like a man than the powerful woman you are
  • Women who don’t feel good enough, push, prove or compare themselves
  • Women wanting to make changes in their lives – professionally or personally
  • Women disconnected from their own power
  • Women in need of some support

What’s included:

  • 9 one hour individual coaching sessions recorded for you to listen again
  • Access to me via WhatsApp for questions or support during the 3 month period 
  • Downloadable mp3 meditation 
  • Any other resources I feel will help you develop your own intuitive holistic toolkit of resources 
  • After the first consultation I will intuitively select a personal bottle of flower essences for you to take orally to support you physically & emotionally
  • Book your free 30 minute session to start playing bigger today
  • Price: 747€